Top 10 for the Home

Top 10-Home.jpg

A well equipped home makes all the difference when maintaining a certain amount of sanity. While it is a tad difficult to narrow this list down to 10 items, I’ve racked my brain, and my home to curate the ideal list of 10 essentials to have throughout your home!

  • High Speed Blender: If you are to have one single item in your kitchen this is it. While it certainly doesn’t have to be a Vitamix, these babies have a lifetime warranty and certainly live up to their expectation. They blend everything from nuts to veggies and everything in between. This blender also whips up hot soups and can make froyo! Yep- you heard it, this is the gem of all gems.

  • Chemex: For some seriously great coffee on the go, this super cheap contraption is perfection. Simple add your ground beans, hot water and bam, you’re out the door with a delicious cup of joe.

  • Fermentation Jar: While eating kimchi and sauerkraut are often no ones ideal pick of a snack, getting yourself a fementation jar, means you can ferment anything under the sun! Take your pick with vegetables and do your guy a serious favor!

  • Spiralizer: Give the spaghetti a break sometimes, and spiralize some squash, top it with homemade pesto and nutritional yeast, and you’ve got yourself a delicious meal, even the Italians love.

  • Stasher: Reusable baggies for the win! I have tried my fair share of silicon/rubber bags, and these are the winners. the zipper system is great for keeping things fresh and sealed and they come in a perfect variety of sizes.

  • Water Purifier: Toxins in our water, it’s there. But by simply attaching a water purifier to your faucet or adding a britta to the fridge, you can rid your water of 98% of those yucky radicals.

  • Thieves All Purpose Cleaning Solution: The end all be all for cleaning. Simply add a bit of the thieves solution and water to a spray bottle and clean away. Not only is thieves one of the best disinfecting elements, but it will also leave your spaces smelling fresh.

  • Masticating Juicer: With this type of juicer, the juice retains more nutrients because fruits and vegetables aren't shredded with blades, which exposes the produce to air, which speeds up oxidation. You’ll end up with much more juice from your produce, and the juice will retain more pulp.

  • Diffuser: By far one of my favorite items to have in the home. Whether it is morning or night, I have my diffuser going. All you add is water and a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Before bed, try a mix of lavender and palo santo. In the morning, add a mixture of citrus, and enjoy!

  • Steam Mop: This gem is ideal for any floor type, and has been a game changer in our household. It cleans better than swiffers in my opinion and you can add essential oils or thieves to leave each room smelling fresh and clean.

Ellyse Bollinger